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Pawn Gold Jewelry To Pay Taxes

Pawn Gold Jewelry to Pay Taxes

With tax season in full swing you may be looking for ways to help pay off your unexpected tax debt. If you have gold jewelry collecting dust in your jewelry box why not pawn it for a short term loan to pay Uncle Sam?

Gold jewelry typically holds or increases its value year over year which makes it an excellent choice for a short-term loan. That $500 gold necklace that you never wear could get you some much needed cash to pay the tax man.

Once you have your taxes taken care of then it’s time to start saving to get your collateral back from the pawn shop. Four months after your pawn loan has started you can pay off the debt and reclaim your gold jewelry. If you still need some more time you can get extensions or renewals to keep the loan going for the same low interest rate.

Pawn shop loans are regulated by the banking industry and limited to 3% interest in Pennsylvania.

To get started simply bring in your collateral and a valid photo ID to Gelman Loan in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ll review and test your jewelry and provide you an estimate for your loan.

If you decide to part with your cherished jewelry we will be sure to find it a good home and you can consider the loan paid in full.

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